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28 Oct

Hot Workout: ModelFIT

Posted by Bikini Owner


Slow and steady, it's said, wins the race. While that might seem counterintuitive when it comes to working out, ModelFIT, the go-to fitness routine of megamodels Karlie Kloss and Candice Swanepoel, is clearly winning.

The downtown NYC fitness studio swarms with lithe model bodies daily, and it's easy to see why: Founder and hotshot trainer Justin Gelband (a.k.a. "The Model Whisperer") has built a foolproof formula for perfecting each segment of the body with his signature slow, deep movements. Isolating small, connected "intrinsic" muscle groups and working them with specific, targeted motions helps to develop that lanky, sculpted bodyline that rules the runway. Classes at ModelFIT range from beginner courses — which introduce newbies to the program — to yogasculpt and boxing classes, which kick things into high gear. Tools used are relatively simple: resistance bands, gliding discs (which make stability training a snap), and light weights. 

Aiming to shape the body into bulk-free lean curves, Gelband's method is undeniably effective. While you might not break out into a crazy sweat during the class, the soreness that you feel, deep in your muscles, proves that this s$%* works.

If you're a dedicated spinner or Crossfit devotee, the pace might startle you: One of the refrains heard most often during classes is "slooooow down." Achieving the body requires that you master the method, and it's really about working smarter, not harder. Which is why Taylor Swift never looks like a sweaty mess when she's snapped leaving a class — usually with BFF Karlie Kloss. In short, ModelFIT is a workout that won't kill your blowout, but will blast your butt into shape. Could life get any better? If you want to try it for yourself at home, this video is a great intro.