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02 Sep

Hot Workout: Fitwall

Posted by Bikini Owner


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We're all for efficiency when it comes to our workouts. The smarter and harder the philosophy, the more it works and the faster we're in and out.

Our new fast-and-furious favorite, Fitwall, is a genius mashup of personal training in a group setting, where a 7-foot-tall ladder-like structure (the "fitwall") is kitted out with rungs and resistance bands, plus a pull-up bar, offers a one-stop shop for a 40-minute full-body workout that uses your body weight for strength building. You wear a heart rate monitor that syncs with an iPad so that you (and your trainer)  can make sure you stay in the hot zone, the iPads also serve as video demonstrations for each individual workout movement to ensure you nail it every time. Your personal data from each class is synced and uploaded to your Fitwall account so you can gauge your progress, which is an excellent motivator. 

High-powered sprints bring a serious cardio element, on and off the wall, with jumping squats and ladder running getting your heart rate pumping like crazy. Once you're fired up, it's back to the wall for exercises that fine-tune every muscle group in the body (think one-armed rows, burpees, and pull-ups) with small alterations for reps, like moving your body closer or further away from the wall to engage different core muscles.  

Building progess is key to optimizing the workouts to their fullest potential, which is why Fitwall repeats workout sequences throughout the month so that clients can really master the moves and maximize their muscle-builiding, fat-burning effects. So when you feel like you're hitting the wall, you just work a little harder and boom, you bust right through it.