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06 Jul

Hot Workout: Cyc Fitness

Posted by Bikini Owner in Cyc Fitness


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We've all tried Spinning at some point, right? You're on a bike, you go fast, you sprint, your legs ache. It's a great workout — but it's not, like, a soul-crushing, all-hands-on-deck kind of experience. A host of new boutique cycling shops have set about changing that, but none of them is as exciting as Cyc Fitness, a full-body, 45-minute ride that incorporates high-energy tunes, total darkness, and weights.

Intrigued? What if we also told you that the owner and founder, Keoni Hudoba, developed the method for himself, and that he shed 100 pounds in the process? Meaning — this place is no joke. With locations in New York, Atlanta, Austin, and Madison, WI, plus a partnership with David Barton gyms, Cyc is gearing up to be country's hottest cycling workout, converting bike-averse gymgoers to full-on cycling nuts. 

How does it work? Well. You get your butt on a bike and pedal furiously, in syncopation to thumping tunes, while your arms work moves (with weights) stolen from more than 20 other sports movements. Think volleyball spikes, boxing jabs, and swimming breaststrokes. Endorphins flow, as does sweat, and you enter a zone of exhilirating, heart-pumping ecstasy, all in room darkened to a level that ensures no one can see you totally, utterly gasping for every breath or singing at the top of your lungs. Cyc Fitness makes linking up with friends and socializing while you're kicking your own ass part of the party: Their "Cyc Social," a network for Cyc devotees to link up with like-minded riders, coordinates workouts with friends.

There's also a charity aspect to every single mile that you bike: Cyc makes a donation for every mile completed to a select group of charities. So you're doing good while you're feeling good, which is excellent motivation for mornings when hitting the snooze button instead of getting yourself to the gym seems smart. Get up and go!