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12 Nov

Hot Workout: Chaise Fitness

Posted by Bikini Owner


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We're not sure about you, but for us the term "chaise" conjures images of lounging, reclining, luxuriating in repose. Chaise Fitness has other ideas.

The dynamic mother-daughter team of Lauren and Rachel Piskin has devised a fitness concept centered around a chaise, but it's not the kind you're thinking of. A revised model of a traditional Pilates chair,  Chaise's bench is tricked out with overhead bungees, playground balls and a resistence foot pedal, all of which help you to perfect every Pilates-inspired, core-shaking motion.

Founder Lauren Piskin, a former ice skater who taught Pilates for 30 years before coming up with her own school of training, christened the Reinvention Method, says her spin on the device began as a rehabilitation tool for her daughter (and Chaise co-founder) Rachel, who was a ballet dancer with the New York City Ballet. After realizing that her technique was yielding serious results, Piskin opened Chaise as a way to spread the love. Think the intensity of a barre class, the precision of ballet training, and the cardio intensity of aerobics, all done with graceful, controlled movements that whittle muscles into lean, lithe shape. 

Now with four locations in NYC, spots in Chaise classes like Ballet Bungee and Chaise Bootcamp are highly coveted. Streaming videos make it possible to give it a try at home if you dare — check them out right here.