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27 Jul

Hot Workout: Basecamp

Posted by Bikini Owner


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If a 35-minute workout seems too good to be true, be warned: Basecamp, a workout franchise new to the West Coast, is not for the faint of heart. It's a quickie, yes, but you are seriously busting your ass every single minute, alternating activities with one-minute bursts on an Air Assault bike, fitted with a fan to add air resistance as you pedal harder and faster. Developed by Zappos founder Nick Swinmurn and members of Dethrone activewear, Bascamp started in a warehouse in Burlingame, CA, where everyone from pro football players to new moms looking to get back in shape would show up to get whipped by the unique high-intensity interval training classes. 

Since you never sit still, there's no time to get bored, jumping from burpees to sit-ups to push-ups to lunges, with the errant 30-second break for water. You will sweat. Your heart will pump. The full-body workout offers a range of movements and intensity levels, with cycles that repeat until you are literally about to fall over. Using the bike for added cardio intensity ups the effectiveness of all the other movements, so you are working your entire body at full capacity, even when concentrating on one specific muscle group, like legs or abs. If you've been seeking the perfect lunchtime workout, you've found it: At 35 minutes, there's time for a quick shower and you can be back at your desk before your co-workers have finished their takeout salad. In a word? Done.