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13 Jul

Hot Workout: Aqua Spinning

Posted by Bikini Owner in Aqua Spinning


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We know — it seems totally, completely crazy. Bikes in a pool?

It's true: aqua spinning is officially a thing. We all know that spinning is, flat-out, a really, really good workout. It burns major calories, gets your heart pumping like mad, and is a super endorphin producer. All that repetitve motion, however, can be murder on your joints.  Enter the concept of immersing the whole setup in water, which adds mega resistence to the revolutions but removes the impact of pressure on the joints (swimming is, after all, the best no-impact workout ever).

Aqua, in New York's TriBeCa, has built a gorgeous temple to aquabiking, creating a serene atmosphere to show up, get wet, and work hard. It's been a huge excercise trend in Europe for several years, and with studios now popping up Stateside, we think it's going to be building momentum here, too. 

Aside from a sleek physique, the benefits of cycling underwater are numerous. The low-impact effects result in better circulation, as the pressure of the water on the body increases blood flow, while also improving endurance since water workouts lower your heart rate but up the intensity of your effort. Recovery and soreness post-workout are also vastly different than after on-the-ground excercise, so even though you're really humming, there's less microtrauma to the muscles.

If you're recovering from an injury or coming off training for a marathon or other high-intensity competition, aquabiking is the perfect way to shift gears. It's also a wonderful pre- and post-natal workout, since the water offers extra support to growing bellies and low-stress movement for bodies recovering from birth. With classes like Interval, which alternate bursts of speed with arm movements to give the legs a rest but keep the heart pumping, and Restorative, which links aerobic movements with deep stretching, Aqua offers a class for every level of athletic prowess. Everybody into the pool!