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21 Oct

A Healthy Take On Cocktails

Posted by Bikini Owner


I spent a majority of my twenties in a bar, either bartending or bar hopping.  Despite the fun I had, it was by far the most unhealthy decade of my life.  Uncovering my gluten intolerance and thirty food allergies was the wake-up call I needed to get my life back on track, body and mind.

But my love of a fun night out and a good cocktail will never go away!  The only difference is that now I sip not slug; host a book club instead of hitting the club; and always make sure I'm home in time to get my full eight hours of sleep, rather than that whole routine of getting home when the sun comes up.

This cocktail is inspired by traditional Mardi Gras cocktails, like those of  Emeril Lagasse [check out his recipes HERE, and get to mixing], but with a healthy Bubble Girl spin. Instead of using sugary liqueurs and juices, I chose my favorite organic, raw drink from Synergy, their GUAVA GODDESS KOMBUCHA.  Kombucha, a probiotic, adds a bit of fizz, while the guava adds an exotic fruity flair.  Not to mention, the drink is full of electrolytes and antioxidants, which is something your body will appreciate.

I chose light rum over grain-based liquors as the alcohol and healthy garnishes of pomegranate and fresh mint to add a tart, refreshing finishing note.  This drink is stirred, not shaken to keep the fizz from the Kombucha.

And if you're not into alcohol, this drink is just as festive and fruity as a mock-tail!  Just leave the rum out and replace with additional Synergy.  If you're not a guava fan, you can easily use another fruity flavor of choice.




Prep time: 5 minutes  |  Total time: 5 minutes |  Servings: 1 drink



Pour juice and rum over ice in a rocks glass and gently stir to combine.  Garnish with pomegranate and mint and enjoy!



This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, peanut free, tree nut free, corn free, legume free, refined sugar free, vegan, and Paleo.