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10 Dec

Go Bananas Over This Diet Fad

Posted by Bikini Owner

Daily Splash: Banana Diet

We’ve seen some crazy diets through the years: paleo, liquid, and even baby food. But this one’s bananas. Seriously, bananas.

A preventative medicine expert, Hitoshi Watanabe, and his pharmacist wife discovered in 2008 that by eating a ton of bananas, and then washing those bananas down with lukewarm water, they could shed pounds. They called it the Morning Banana Diet plan

Here’s the deal: Bananas contain fiber, which help curb the appetite, and room-temperature water aids with digestion, which makes you feel full. So for breakfast, Morning Banana Diet participants were supposed to consume bananas and warm water until they felt almost or 80 percent full. Then, they could not eat anything until lunch. 

But that meal did not have to necessarily be bananas—just something healthy and preferably Japanese, according to Hitoshi. Same for dinner. And in between—another surprise—they could have one sweet treat. Just no eating after 8 p.m. Complicated, but not crazy.

However, that over time turned into a weeklong fad that involved eating 30 bananas a day, otherwise known as #BananaIsland (there are almost 19,000 posts tagged on Instagram to date)—popular among fashion bloggers and also extremely unhealthy. Too much of one thing is never good for you. So if you’re going bananas, best stick to the original fad.

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