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01 Jun

Get Sweaty at L.A.'s The Sweat Spot

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If, like the 740,000,000+ people who have viewed Sia's "Chandelier" video on YouTube, you are obsessed with learning how to dance like Maddie Ziegler, we've got the workout spot for you. Silverlake's The Sweat Spot, owned by choreographer Ryan Heffington (he's the genius behind Ziegler's moves), is a bit like church for local devotees.

They go often, packing into the dance studios for Heffington's Sweaty Sundays dance classes, which are a hybrid of an honest-to-goodness dance class mixed with a yoga warmup mixed with a full-on sexy, sweaty dance party.

Yes, there are real dancers, but they show up to groove with Heffington, not to show off. And watching them move is so intoxicating that you feel inspired, not intimidated.

The dress code? Eighties fabulous, ’90s music-video sexy, or straight-off the street and onto the dance floor—anything goes.

Fast-paced and bouncy, you're as likely to hear an old-school George Micheal jam as you are something from Florence and the Machine, who Heffington has also choreographed for.

His collection of colorful Spandex leggings and signature topknot make it easy to spot him in the crowd, and newbies will be charmed to see that all the attention his high-profile projects have earned him hasn't shifted his perspective: if you show up at the Sweat Spot to dance, you are welcomed with open arms, and you're likely to leave a believer.