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15 Jul

Elena Delle Donne's Beach Workout!

Posted by Bikini Owner in Elena Delle Donne's Beach Workout


A photo posted by Elena Delle Donne (@de11edonne) on

As soon as the off-season hits, WNBA star — and editor — Elena Delle Donne heads to the Bahamas with her family. 

(See her report from the islands here.) 

Being on vacation doesn't mean she lets up on her workout schedule, though. 

Well, maybe a little — but she still makes time for a beach workout. 

"We'll get up in the morning, get a quick cup of coffee, and grab a quick workout on the beach," she says. "I think it's just so refreshing to be outside — it rejuvenates you." 

"You can find exercises to challenge you even if you don't have weights," she adds. "It's just a full body awareness type of workout." 

It all begins with 100-yard dashes in the sand. 

"Obviously, the sand is great for ankle mobility," she says. "And of course, it's so much harder to run in the sand than anywhere else." 

What she doesn't need: a ton of equipment. In fact, you can do these moves totally on your own. Just tie on your workout shoes — and head down to the beach! 

Some words of wisdom:

For the 100-yard dash, Elena counts off 100 steps and marks the distance. 

Meanwhile, here's a great video on perfect jump squats — and a jump, and alternating lunges

Not sure what a single-leg RDL is? We've got the answer

Now get to it!