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19 Mar

Could Your Greek Yogurt Be Doing More Harm Than Good?

Posted by Bikini Owner

Bikini girls are all about having healthy snacks on hand at all times. Even our purses have hidden bags of almonds inside of them. 

Greek yogurt has long been hailed as the most nutritious and protein packed foods of late. However, you may need to limit your intake of this grecian delight. 

One of the key ingredients in greek yogurt is acid whey. Which is actually terrible for the environment. When dumped, the decomposition of acid whey can deplete ecosystems of oxygen. Yikes! 

With this snack getting more and more popular its becoming harder to find eco conscious ways of getting rid of the acid whey.

Luckily, for us yogurt lovers, researchers are on the job to find ways around this issue. Think, fancy filters to separate out this dastardly additive. 

Looks like we don’t have to ditch the dairy just yet!

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