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03 Nov

Bikini Undercover: Quinoa, The Superfood Of Superfoods

Posted by Bikini Owner

Bikini Undercover: Quinoa

You’ve likely seen quinoa on restaurant menus and in grocery stores with ever-increasing frequency. It has even been recognized for its nutritional and historical value by the United Nations, which called 2013 the International Year of Quinoa. Not every food gets its own year, you know.

So what’s all the hubbub about? Quinoa, which we treat like a grain though what we eat is really the seed of a plant that’s related to spinach, beets and chard, is widely considered a superfood for its nutrient-packed profile. It has become so popular that we’ve driven up demand, causing prices to rise to a point where many traditional Andean farmers have both benefited and suffered, depending on your view, giving them more money for their product while simultaneously changing their way of life. Like, whoa.

Here’s what you should know about quinoa.