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06 Oct

Bikini Undercover: Is Kombucha Really That Healthy?

Posted by Bikini Owner

Is Kombucha Really That Healthy?
We at are on a mission to get to the bottom of all these crazy health fads. We'll investigate and get back to you every other week. Welcome to Bikini Undercover.
Kombucha is a funny-sounding name for a powerful drink. Better digestion, increased energy, detoxification, weight loss – these are just some of the purported benefits kombucha is supposed to have. But what is it, exactly? And is it really a miracle elixir? 
Also known as mushroom tea (though it’s not made from mushrooms), kombucha is a fizzy fermented tea drink made by adding bacteria and yeast to tea and sugar. It’s the fermentation of bacteria and yeast that breaks down the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, forming a mushroom-like rubbery disc on top of the liquid called the SCOBY, or symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, giving kombucha its misleading moniker. Juice is often added to combat the vinegary taste, but nothing is going to hide those floating bits of bacteria. Nothing.
Here are some facts to know about kombucha before diving head-first into this trend.