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11 Feb

The Bikini Cleanse That Lets You Eat Well

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I live in LA, so it’s pretty much bikini season all year long. I’ve tried my fair share of juice cleanses and fad diets just to see what the hype was all about. Honestly, the majority of them do show instant results, but as soon as you go back to your normal diet, whatever you lost is gained back—and then some. Now I’ve always been pretty healthy: I eat well, work out every morning, and have worked really hard to stay in shape. Nothing is more motivating than seeing results, right?

When I heard about the Bikini Cleanse, I was intrigued, but skeptical. How are you supposed to really cleanse your body while eating two full meals? I wasn’t sure, but was willing to find out, because what can I say, I like seeing results! Plus, I didn’t think it’d have a negative effect on my lifestyle in any way. Read on to see what happened.

What It Is

A seven-day cleanse that’s meant to help get you in bikini shape. You still get to eat two meals a day, as long as they’re made from foods on the pre-approved list which is included in the cleanse box they provide.

How To Use

After you receive your cleanse box, it’s really important to make sure to rid your kitchen of any tempting, unhealthy foods. You’ll replace either breakfast or lunch with one of the Bikini Smoothies and then drink two Bikini Sticks—an energy boosting, fat-burning powder that you mix with water—mid-morning and afternoon. You'll also have two snacks throughout the day and two meals.

A typical day for me was waking up and heading to the gym like I usually did, then I’d have a Bikini Smoothie for breakfast, a Bikini Sticks drink and snack a little later, and a light lunch which was usually a salad with a lot of veggies and turkey meat. A few hours later, I’d have another Bikini Sticks and snack, then have dinner which consisted of a lean meat, whole grain and veggies. Before bed, I had the caffeine-free Bikini Tea to help me relax and that was that.

Things I Noticed

I didn’t feel deprived at all during the cleanse, which is rare. Most cleanses have you feeling exhausted, out of sorts, and honestly, starving. The Bikini Cleanse was the exact opposite: I found my energy was up, my cravings were stable, and I actually noticed an improvement in my skin. By the end of the seven days, I felt really good about myself.

Bottom Line

I’ve done a few juice cleanses before, and while I like them, they’re hard to do. Plus, it’s not like you can do one for the rest of your life. The thing about Bikini Cleanse is that it’s supposed to help kick-start your healthy lifestyle. If you exercise regularly, eat clean and just take care of your body in general, you can achieve any fitness and health goal you want. Oh, and did I mention that it’s only $189 for seven days? That’s infinitely cheaper than any other cleanse on the market.

Bikini Cleanse $189 available at

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