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20 Feb

Best Pre- And Post-Workout Snacks For Your Fitness Resolution

Posted by Bikini Owner
Q: What should I eat before and after I workout?
A: This may just be the most important question we’ve tackled yet. Pre- and post-workout nutrition can literally multiply the speed at which you reach your goals. Did you just lean a little closer? I hope so. 
Without nutritionally prepping your body for a workout and following intelligent post-workout guidelines, you create a domino effect that ultimately leaves you where you are or, in extreme cases, pushes you a step or two back. It would be like going to work, but not telling your boss you’d actually like to get paid. 
The goal of pre-workout nutrition is to give your body just enough energy to push you through your workout, but stay out of the way of your body’s fat-burning potential. This means we don’t want to eat too little, too far before the workout to leave you looking for the door after 10 minutes of circuit training. 
On the other hand, we can’t have you eating too much, too close to the workout that your food gets in the way of your fat burning potential. 
As important as pre-workout nutrition is, your post-workout window is even more valuable. 
Scroll through the gallery above to find out exactly what to eat pre- and post-workout.
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