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02 Dec

6 Great Twists To Help Recover From Thanksgiving

Posted by Bikini Owner

The holidays are coming up! For a lot of us, that might mean eating heavier and more food than we are used to, drinking more alcoholic beverages than we normally intake, and being around more family than we'd like. 

As happy and joyful as the holidays have the potential to be, they can also bring on a lot of unwanted stress or even lethargy. I am introducing twists this week, because of one word: Detox. Something we all need after our Thanksgiving feasts Thursday.

Twists have so many benefits (also one of my favorite types of postures, because of how good they make you feel afterward)! They help aid in digestion and provide something called the “squeeze and soak” action, which brings fresh blood into the abdominal area after the twist is released. 

Twists are great for the lymphatic system and can be very therapeutic for the back. These poses neutralize the back after backbends and also provide help to the intervertebral discs, keeping them healthy because of diminishing compression in the spine. Also, in time for the holiday season, twists help represent and assist in letting go of the old and bringing in the new.

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