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14 Jan

4 Powerful Poses For Unlocking Tight Hips

Posted by Bikini Owner
We tend to store a lot in our hips: stress from a day at the office, emotional trauma from a recent breakup, or anxiety you just happen to be feeling for no particular reason. Sometimes you don’t even realize it until you’re sitting on the floor in yoga class, and crossing your legs is difficult. Well, it’s time for some relief.
This week’s yoga tutorial is dedicated to hip openers. These particular poses require deep, steady breath. Stay focused on the breath, and breathe into the poses to open up your hips on a deeper level. Get through each of the four moves I demonstrate in the gallery above, and I can promise you a huge feeling of release and lightness will follow. 

Things To Remember:

  • Enter the pose slowly. Take your time coming to your first edge, then the second, and so on. Don’t try to go as deep as you can right away. Be patient. When coming out of the posture, do so slowly and with mindfulness.
  • Do not proceed to do these postures if you feel any pain in the knees.  
  • If Half Pigeon pose hurts your knee at all, try Thread The Needle (Slides 11-12) instead. Thread the needle will give you the same hip-opening benefits.
  • Both sides may not be equal, and that’s OK!