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04 Sep

Yes, You Can Wear Colored Mascara

Posted by Bikini Owner

There are people we know (makeup artists included) who swear that if you only put on one swipe of makeup every morning, it should be mascara.

Why? They claim that the eye-opening effects of mascara instantly make you look more polished and elegant, and that drawing attention to your eyes is an easy fix for lazy makeup everywhere else on your face.

This fall, one of the hottest beauty trends on the runway was colored mascara, which totally ups the ante on the whole world of fringe benefits. A bold hue on your lashes lends an otherwordly effect to your look, by heightening the color of your eyes and creating even more contrast for your lashes, making them seem even thicker.

There are a host of formulas to try, from entry-level, low-commitment drugstore brands to luxe, lengthening versions from high-end beauty brands.

If you're curious about trying it out, follow this key: Blue eyes pop when you wear a burgundy mascara, brown eyes look brighter when framed by blue lashes, green peepers are a great match for purple fringe, and hazel eyes really shine when you swipe on gold or yellow mascara. Click through the slideshow above for our favorite colored mascaras for any budget.