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19 Nov

Why You Should Treat Yourself To Monthly Facials

Posted by Bikini Owner

Why You Should Treat Yourself To Monthly Facials

In the last couple of years, I’ve really started to take better care of my skin. I drink three liters of water a day, cleanse, tone, exfoliate, and moisturize twice a day. My skin is generally good, but just like anyone else, I can become obsessive about things that people probably can’t notice—unless they were seriously invading my space. So yes, I’m always trying to find ways to improve my complexion, and just like any other Bikini girl, I love facials. The only downside? The hefty price tag.

Typically, facials are seen as a luxury. I mean, who has $150 dollars (or more!) to spend regularly to get pampered? As much as I wish I did, I don’t. And I think the majority of others don’t either. Unless it’s my birthday or some special occasion, facials are a distant thought. That is, until I heard about Face Haus.

Face Haus, which recently opened its second location in West Hollywood, is pretty much a dream come true. Think of it as Drybar, but for skin care! You get to choose from a menu of facials, each focusing on specific problems like hyperpigmentation, aging, acne, and more. The treatments last for 30 minutes and cost … wait for it ... $45 dollars! Yup, you read that right. Since the new spot is literally a few blocks from my apartment, I had to give it a try.

The Space

The space is open, clean, and very welcoming. I felt relaxed as soon as I walked in! They have you fill out a form answering questions about your skin so an esthetician can understand it better and help pick a treatment that’s right for you. I knew from the start that I wanted something that would hydrate and brighten my complexion. I laid down in one of the chairs, and was ready to start.

The Treatment

There were a number of different steps and products put on my skin, some of which were cold and some that were warm. Nothing stung, but some tingled a little, but in a way that felt good, like I could feel it working! My skin felt fresh and unbelievably soft, the softest its ever been, actually. And it makes sense, because the products are top-notch.

The Products

One of the lines Face Haus uses is Eminence, a brand that’s handmade in Hungary. What’s cool is that all the ingredients used are 100 percent organically grown and hand-picked. Think fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables plus pure spring water. Pretty much heaven in a product. While my skin was a little red after, it quickly went away. And my esthetician Cielo Ruiz said that the redness usually only lasts for up to 30 minutes, and I can totally vouch to that. Then what’s left is just super glowy skin that even looks better the day after.

The Verdict

I’m hooked you guys, seriously hooked. Especially after Ruyz told me all of the benefits of doing a monthly facial. Not only will treatments help protect against free radicals, but also detoxify, decongest, lighten, and brighten skin. The more you do, the more improvement you’ll see. So I say, think of it as regular skin maintenance, which is exactly what I plan on doing, and you should too!