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07 Sep

Why You Should Switch To An Oil Cleanser Right Now

Posted by Bikini Owner


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Dewy, super-soft skin is only one reason to switch to an oil cleanser. 

How much time did you spend in the sun this summer? Is that a stupid question? Sorry. Clearly summertime is about sunshine and while we love the vitamin D boost and the gorgeous glow we get from all that outdoor time, it can sort of wreak havoc on our skin. Add in the umpteen layers of sunscreen, sweat, bronzer, and pore-clogging cells that build up when you've spent too much time partying and not enough time taking care of your skin and you have a recipe for disaster. Even if you've been perfectly responsible in the skincare department every single day since May, you're probably also feeling like your skin needs a little post-summer TLC. Our rx? Cleansing oil. 

Hear us out: we know it seems a lil cray to spread oil all over your skin and call it 'cleansing', especially when technically it's still summer and humid hurricane conditions are brewing, but it is so supremely effective, and the results of going lather-free are so immediately evident that we can't evangelize it enough. A few short years ago there were but a few oil cleansers on the market, the front-runner being Shu Uemura's genius High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil (Katy Perry is a fan and her skin is perfection).  Shu Uemura, a Japanese makeup artist in Hollywood in the 1950's, noticed that the on-screen sirens of the time were using an oil to sweep off the heavy pancake makeup that was the de facto camouflage at the time. He engineered a perfectly formulated oil cleanser in 1967, converting millions of women in Japan to his method of cleansing. Once it hit the States it became a cult classic, but it wasn't until several years ago that the product category widened and all of a sudden there were oil cleansers available at every price range and with multiple formulations.



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Shu Uemura's iconic cleansing oils have been around since 1967.

Why oil cleansing? The oil acts as a trap for makeup, mascara, dirt and dead cells which live on the skin's surface. When massaged onto the face the oil molecules bind to these skin detractors, and, in the act of rinsing, they are removed from the skin's surface without stripping the skin's natural oils, which are needed to maintain proper moisture levels. So while it seems crazy to say, use oil to cleanse oily skin, traditional cleansers actually prompt skin to produce more oil, since the skin can sense that it's natural oil barrier has been stripped away in the cleansing process. In short, when you wash your face with soap you're taking away the good properties of your skin along with the bad makeup residue and debris. You just need to feel your skin after using an oil cleanser to sense the difference: it's soft to the touch and slightly moisturized as opposed to super-tight and squeaky clean. In face, some people feel like they don't need to moisturize after using an oil cleanser since their skin is left so supple. 

From super-balmy, nourishing oils like Bobbi Brown's Soothing Cleansing Oil to Shiseido's lightweight Perfect Cleansing Oil, there's a version out there for everyone. Korean beauty brand Erborian even makes a solid cleansing oil that's genius for travel as it eliminates the fear of an oil spill in your suitcase but packs the same emollient punch as a liquid oil, turning milky when you add a splash of water to diffuse it. The transition of summer-to-fall is the perfect time to transition to an oil cleanser, as the air becomes drier and skin needs more moisture, especially once the mercury dips and artificial heat indoors kicks into overdrive. But we're still weeks away from that right now, and even if your neck of the woods is still sweltering, we can assure you a little oil will work magic on your summer ravaged skin, giving it a boost of moisture and a gentle clean that leaves it glowing.