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22 Feb

Why You Really Should Be Dry Brushing

Posted by Bikini Owner in dry brushing, Lee From America


A post shared by Lee Tilghman (@leefromamerica) on

Smoother, softer skin. An energized lymphatic system. Reduced cellulite. Increased circulation. These benefits are the reason that seemingly everyone in our Instagram feed is dry-brushing as part of their wellness and beauty routines. We get it — and we're totally down with anything that improves our bikini game. But we weren't quite sure just how to jump in, because we have to be honest — we were a little scared of those long-handled brushes. Luckily, Lee Tilghman of the utterly refreshing Lee From America blog is a dry brush enthusiast who was willing to decipher it for us. Turns out it's really not so tricky, and once you get into it, surprisingly soothing.


BIKINI: So, what exactly is dry brushing? What type of brush do you use? 

LEE TILGHMAN: Dry brushing is a unique way to combat dry skin and improve its overall health. It's just like it sounds! You use a dry, coarse brush and run it over every part of your body to remove dead skin and excess particles. This brush from CAP Beauty is a favorite.


BIKINI: What effect does it have on the skin? Can you really see a difference? 

LT: It makes your skin softer, brighter, and healthier. Lots of dry brushers also see a difference in acne reduction, marks, sun spots, and little bumps on the body as well. When you make dry brushing a regular part of your routine, the outcome speaks for itself. It honestly gives me a glow that I could see after just a few days. That's when I was hooked.


BIKINI: When’s the ideal time to dry brush? 

LT: Most people prefer to dry brush before they shower to rinse the dead skin off, but I like to do it after I shower. That's just when I enjoy it! 


BIKINI: What type of skin care should follow? 

LT: After I dry brush, I always apply body and facial oil to moisturize. I always use body oil afterward. I love the Jiva Apoha Spirit oil, it's so soothing.


BIKINI: Why do you love it? Can you share your routine and any hacks?

LT: I love dry brushing because it's a form of self-care. It's five minutes that I dedicate to myself, and my thoughts, and my body. The most important thing about dry-brushing is just to do it. So many people stress about it being daunting to get started. You don't need to worry about doing it right, as long as you're doing it. Anything is better than nothing! With that being said, I love putting on a five-minute song, dancing and jamming to it while I dry brush. I also keep my brush in plain sight in my bathroom so I'm reminded to do it.