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22 Apr

Why Gem Face Rollers Are SO Hot Right Now


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By now you probably have a crystal on your desk, at your bedside, and heck, maybe you even have one in your purse. Gem energy is super hot right now, and it's even finding its way into the beauty world — think crystal-infused serums and nail polish, to treatments that harness the powers that gems purportedly have to leave skin looking super-fresh. Crystal face rollers are another buzzy beauty item having a moment, as nearly every influencer we follow on Insta seems to have one at the ready all the time.

Curious about rollers and their benefits, we chatted up jewelry designer Krystle Knight, whose namesake jewelry line also includes a collection of crystal beauty rollers. She has definitely convinced us that we need more rose quartz in our lives, stat. 

BIKINI: Face rollers are such a hot beauty tool right now — but they have a long history! Why do you think they're au courant right now?

KRYSTLE KNIGHT: Face rollers have been around for such a long time. I remember my mom using one years ago and then, after coming across hers again when visiting her, I decided to source them for my line. I think with people deciding to live more intuitively and spiritually, incorporating crystals into our everyday routines is a natural progression.  

BIKINI: Can you tell us why you have multiple gems in your roller range?
People are drawn to different crystals at different times of their life, which is why we offer a number of different crystal rollers. All of these crystals promote calmness, along with a number of other properties. Jade is associated with wisdom, balance and peace. Clear quartz with generating new energy, clarity and serenity. Rose quartz is thought to promote harmony, unconditional love and reduces stress. Amethyst is said to bring calm, peace and happiness.

BIKINI: What does using a roller do for the body?
KK: Using a roller boosts blood flow and increases oxygen supply, bringing nutrients and hydration to skin cells. It can also relieve stress and tension, and aid lymphatic drainage throughout the body. They can also help fight wrinkles and reduce puffiness in the skin, all while using the energy powers of crystals and putting you in a calm, relaxed state.

BIKINI: Can you share how you use yours?
KK: I currently use mine while relaxing on the lounge each night, focusing on the tightness of my jaw; I hold a lot of stress and tension in there, which so many people do these days with the stresses of life and work. As I am also 36 weeks pregnant, I have been using the roller across my belly, giving myself and the baby a little bit of loving energy by using the rose quartz roller. I use the roller with a belly oil, which helps fight stretch marks throughout pregnancy.

BIKINI: Are there products that are ideal to use in tandem with a roller?
KK: A lot of people will use after they have applied their daily serum/face oil or moisturizer, which helps glide the roller across their chest, neck and face. Rollers can also be popped in the fridge before use to offer a little extra soothing boost to reduce inflammation ... and feels even more amazing on a hot summer night.