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09 Dec

Why Face Oil In The Winter Is a Must


A post shared by SALT BY HENDRIX (@saltbyhendrix) on

Winter, why do you have to be so cruel to our skin? The minute temps drop and the air gets dry, our skin goes sideways: red, blotchy patches, unevenness, and a general dull vibe is pretty much the status quo until spring break. While we can't quite re-create the humid, glowy days of summer, we have found that there's one thing which combats the flakiness and adds a definite dewy glow to our complexion: face oil.

We know that many are still in the "Oh no — no oil on my face" camp, and we hear you — but here's why you should give it a shot. Adding an oil component to your usual skincare routine immediately amps up the moisture quotient in your skin's outer barrier and gives it a glowy finish, which camouflages the usual woes of winter. Beyond the surface-level appearance, oil penetrates the layers of your skin better than a cream, which makes for a plusher, softer texture all around. 

Our beauty shop is host to a slew of nourishing oils for the face (and body, too, in case you want to treat the rest of you as well as your face) and we're dedicated to nearly all of them. Of particular note: Salt By Hendrix's Mermaid Oil. Now, the name obviously draws you in, as does the cerulean hue of the bottle. But the real magic is in the formula itself: a hyper-hydrating blend of camellia, watermelon seed, and jojoba oils, which meld into the skin and banish any trace of papery dryness or reactive-ness. You can apply it straight or use it to boost the hydra-factor of your usual moisturizer or hydrating mask. It also revives a made-up face at the end of day: warm a few drops in your hands and pat onto typically dry spots like cheeks, chin, and around the eyes to refresh your makeup and add a bit of sheen. You can also add a drop or two of face oil to your foundation or BB cream to add moisture to that step of your skin story, too, to make sure that every layer on your skin has a moisturizing element. This technique can also sheer out any formula that might seem a bit heavy-handed, making your makeup look more natural. 

Can we also say, for the record, that a gorgeous bottle of face oil makes the perfect girlfriend holiday gift? We've never met anyone who doesn't adore a good self-care gift. So if you're stumped for ideas for some of your gals, gift them gorgeous skin — they'll thank you all winter long.