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15 Oct

Want The Smoothest Skin Ever? Try This Magic Sponge


A post shared by Beauty By Earth (@beautybyearth) on

The transition of the seasons can be a weird time for skin. After the intensity of summer, where SPF overload and sweat, salt and bronzer can leave skin a bit lackluster, the start of cooler weather is always a signal to us that some deep cleansing is in order. Sloughing off dead skin isn't sexy, but the results are stellar: if you exfoliate regularly, you encourage cell turnover and reveal brighter, fresh skin that glows naturally and wears makeup beautifully. 

We used to turn to creamy scrubs to do the hard work, but last year a revelatory product caught our eye. Beauty By Earth's konjac sponge takes detoxifying your skin to the next level. Made from the vegetable fibers of the konjac plant, the mighty little sponge packs a big beauty punch. Rich in naturally occurring vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, B6, B12 and C, the fibers of the plant work to physically slough off dullness and infuse the skin with these powerhouse nutrients that leave it glowing.  Since the sponge is 100 percent natural, it doesnt contain any irritating chemicals like synthetic sponges — which means that even sensitive skin won't be irritated by its exfoliating properties. 

We added Beauty By Earth's konjac sponge to The Wanderlust, our subscription box, because it's a true beauty innovation. With each edition we round up the best in beauty, travel, fitness and style products and share them with our in-the-know customers. Once you've tried this sponge and feel the results (smoothest skin ever!), you'll see why it deserved a coveted spot in this edited mix.