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04 Sep

Turn Bedtime Into A Spa Experience With A Night Mask

Posted by Bikini Owner


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How busy are you? (Like, really busy, not fake-busy, as recently explained in this genius article). Are you so busy that your beauty routine is floundering? We have news for you: There's a huge time window that you're just totally wasting when it comes to skincare: nighttime. As in, if you're sleeping, you should be tending to your skin.

Sure, there are nighttime-specific serums and creams formulated to work their magic on your skin while you snooze, but based on some expert tips we now think the real secret is letting super-potent masks (even ones not intended for overnight use) sink in for an extended time, allowing their powerful ingredients to truly transform your skin. Now, we're not talking about messy mud masks (your poor pillowcases!), but consider restorative, replenishing masks that aim to recharge your skin with nourishing ingredients that boost moisture, density, and repair daytime damage caused by sun exposure, pollution, and aging. 

"The skin naturally repairs itself at night, so using a mask is a great opportunity to supercharge the work that the cells are doing overnight," says Chantecaille Creative Director Olivia Chantecaille. A fan of multi-masking, Chantecaille likes to target specific areas overnight with masks that perform specific functions. "Our Bio Lifting Mask has amazing anti-aging properties, so I'll apply that to, say, my forehead and around my eyes, while using something really soothing like our Jasmine and Lily Healing mask on my T-zone."  

Erborian, a skincare line built on Korean beauty principles, has a number of masks that can be worn overnight to plump the skin with healing oils like antioxidant-rich Camellia oil and adaptogenic Schizandra extract, found in their plush Sleeping BB Mask.  When worn overnight, these replenishing masks are able to deeply penetrate the skin to leave it visibly refreshed come morning. 



A photo posted by Chantecaille (@chantecaille) on


Are there masks that you should avoid overnight? Absolutely. That super-smoothing acid mask that leaves your skin baby-soft?  Use it only as intended. "Anything that stings or burns should definitely not be worn overnight," says Chantecaille, who recommends selecting calming, cocooning  formulas as overnight treatments as opposed to glycolics or acids-heavy masks. She also tipped us off to a trick she uses to boost the effectiveness of already amazing moisture masks, noting that she adds a few drops of Chantecaille's Rose de Mai oil to her nighttime mask when her skin is feeling particularly dry. You could also swirl in a few drops of your favorite serum or brightening treatment to an emollient mask to add even more skin-quenching power to them.

If you're really serious (and have a few extra minutes at the end of the day), consider prepping your skin with a gentle scrub to sweep away any dead skin cells on the surface. "Using a scrub ensures that your skin is totally receptive to the treatment," Chantecaille says. Did somebody say beauty sleep?