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07 Jul

Transcendent Beauty Breaks All the Rules

Posted by Bikini Owner in Transcendent Beauty


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When is a beauty product more than just a jar of cream or a bottle of oil? When the purpose behind it is not only to beautify your skin, but to charge your life up with an internal beauty that radiates from within. Transcendent Beauty, one of our fave new finds and a recent addition to The Wanderlust subscription box, hooked us with their potent formulas (the radiance-boosting Light Worker is a modern-day miracle), but also lured us in with the ethical, socially responsible messaging behind the products and the brand's committment to empowerment.  

Each Transcendent Beauty product comes packaged in a carton emblazoned with a motivating message: "May your beauty on the inside show on the outside." Charged with creating formulas that would break free from the conventions of age-specific product categories, Transcendent Beauty instead create a range of products that would create a new beauty standard, one that encouraged self-love, self-care, and a divine, inner sense of beauty that belied the surface appearance. You can see why we were drawn in, but once you see the magic of the creams and potions themselves, you'll really, really get it. 

Though founder Cyndi Pereira-Birch is not a cosmetic scientist, she knew she wanted to create formulas that would enrich the skin with high-quality, effective ingredients that would energize and activate the skin, leaving it renewed and glowing. She worked with a chemist to create a coterie of elixirs that truly transform — coralling active ingredients like goji glycopeptide, a super-lifting, anti-aging powerhouse, DNA-repairing Ultasomes, and collagen and stem-cell stimulating antioxidants. Each cocktail treats the skin to sumptuous replenishing and restoration. 

In addition to their revelatory products,  Transcendent Beauty has also accepted a social responsibilty, creating a work program that provides veterans returning to civilian life an opportunity to work, facilitating an important life transition for them. For many of us, self-care is a priority, but for this unique beauty company, caring for their larger community is the true motivator in their beautiful business. The fact that the stuff works wonders? That's just icing on the cake.