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23 Mar

Tortoiseshell Hair Is The New Ombré

Posted by Bikini Owner

Hair trends are constantly changing. Day to day and season to season, there’s a new look we try to master. We’ve done everything from bleach blonde, to black to the dreaded chunky highlight. 

The style we’ve coveted for what seems like forever now is the ombré. However, you’ll want to book an appointment with your hair dresser because ombré is on it’s way out and tortoiseshell is taking the hair scene by storm.

So what does tortoiseshell look like? If you want a perfect example of this coloring technique just take a look at super model Gisele Bündchen, and you’ve got it. This look combines all the caramel-y warm colors that tortoiseshell is so famous for- honey blonde, chestnut, chocolate.

While you can still keep your dark and light tones like the ombré style so graciously gives us. Think of the tortoiseshell look as a fresh take on a modern classic.

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