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30 Jun

These Eye Treatments are a Total Treat

Posted by Bikini Owner

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then the area surrounding them is like the window dressing — and no one likes wrinkled curtains, right?

Caring for the delicate skin under the eye needs to strike the perfect balance of gentle but effective: The thin skin shows signs of aging and tiredness much earlier than the other parts of the face, which has a higher collagen volume, so you want whatever you apply to work well but not overwhelm.

The best formulas combine loads of hydrating ingredients with proven anti-agers like Vitamin C, which work together to restore elasticity, brighten dark circles, and reduce puffiness.

Whether you choose a lightweight gel formula or a concentrated serum, consistency is key.

Using the right products daily (or nightly) will help get you the results you seek, as most potent ingredients need at least a few weeks to truly be effective.

We've put together an edit of our favorite eye treatments, from serums to dark-circle correctors, in the gallery above.