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05 Sep

Sun Protection You Can Eat? Tell Us More...

Posted by Bikini Owner in Sundots, Vitamin sunscreen


A post shared by Sundots  (@getsundots) on

We know summer's fading, but sun protection is a year-round beauty and health practice that we've come to approach in the same way we brush our teeth or wash our face. Year-round SPF is the only proven way to keep your skin safe and healthy. (Premature aging? No thanks!) And we know that daily application is key. Sun safety is always on our radar, so when we heard some buzz about Sundots, a gummy vitamin that aimed to boost the skin's natural SPF, you can bet we were intrigued. 

Powered by a fern extract called Polypodium Leucotomos, Sundots helps the body resist the harmful effects of the sun. Does it replace sunscreen? Heck no. But when taken regularly, the squishy gummy vitamins have been proven to give the skin a stronger defense against burns and sun damage. That means that panic that sets in when you've been at an epic beach hang and forgot to reapply can chill, and that when you're out and about on your day-to-day missions sans a wide-brimmed hat you can rest easy. We love the idea of a naturally derived solution to one of our beach lifestyle's biggest challenges: we know that too much sun is not a smart thing. Sundots help us drink it in without going overboard. 

We're so excited to share Sundots with The Wanderlust audience — they're a part of the beauty/wellness selection in the latest box, which heads to Casablanca. Our hand-curated mix of travel, wellness, beauty and style gear is shipped directly to your door chock full of goodies we know you'll be obsessed with. Are you subscribed?