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28 Sep

The Squeeze-Free Facial

Posted by Bikini Owner

skin laundry

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Anything involving lasers has always elicited a bit of fear in me, whether it's a laser pointer (clearly, they're banned from basically everywhere because they are dangerous) or a crazy flashing light that can instantly cut your cornea and fix your eyesight (the day my husband had Lasik was extremely, extremely stressful). So the idea of getting a facial at Skin Laundry, a new skin spa in New York that utilizes medical-grade lasers and therapy, kind of freaked me out.

It wasn't that I was afraid of the pain — it was just that the precise moment of laser-on-skin contact seemed destined to be ominous, unhealthy, fraught with bad stuff. Still, for the sake of journalism, I carried on, and boy, am I glad that I did. There are three reasons why this innovation is a wonder, and I will explain them all below.

I had not had a facial for two years, so my skin, which had been through a pregnancy and crazy hormonal post-partum rollercoaster ride in that time, was ready for a deep clean. Why did I wait so long? Well, because scheduling crap when you have kids is tricky, and facials take at least an hour, and that's a lot of time. A treatment at Skin Laundry takes all of 10 minutes. Ten minutes! So there's the time-saving advantage of lasers, which immediately made me reconsider my fear.

Next up: Since the laser does all the dirt-busting, oil-zapping work, there's no contact or extractions — zero squeezing, pinching, lancet-ing. So while the laser itself might tingle a bit, the pain factor is, in my opinion, significantly lower than a full-on "Let's get alll those blackheads outta there" deep-cleansing facial.

Third: zero downtime. You don't leave with a throbby, red face that's been poked and prodded — you walk out of your session glowy and smooth and freshly laundered, as they like to say. Are you sold? I'm sold. 

Here's how it all goes down. The treatments are performed by physician's assistants and registered nurses, since the equipment is medical-grade, and they are well trained in their technique. My facialist explained the process, which uses a YAG laser first to vaporize the dirt, residue and gunk hanging out in my pores (this phase can kind of smell like something's burning, depending on how much yuckiness is being smoked away. My experience was kind of sulfur-y smelling, but not terrible).

Your skin is treated to a cooling gel and then hit with flashes of intense pulsed light, or IPL, which evens out skin tone and helps to stimulate collagen production. This portion of the facial is a bit like being really really close to a strobe light, but since your eyes are covered with tiny, opaque goggles, it's low-key in intensity. The whole treatment itself takes about 5-7 minutes, total. Your skin is then prepped with toner and moisturizer with SPF and you're out the door.

I could tell that my skin was softer and smoother than it was before the laser and light worked their magic, and a few small clogged pores that I had noticed that morning were, amazingly, gone. The overall effect of the treatment was remarkably similar to that of a hands-on facial, with none of the high-stress markings that I usually have to endure after extractions. 

The concept of a facial that doesnt take too much time, or leave you recovering from major pimple-mining, is kind of a revelation. Cost-wise, it's totally comparable to a facial at a spa — a single session costs $65, with packages available that get that cost down if it's something you plan to do more frequently (the more treatments you have, the longer-term the benefits are).

There are currently locations in California, Arizona and New York, as well as a full range of skincare products which are available at Skin Laundry's website. Laundry day has never been so appealing.