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08 Nov

#Spavibes With William Roam

Posted by Bikini Owner in home spa, hotel spa products, William Roam


A post shared by William Roam (@williamroam) on

How is Thanksgiving only two weeks away?! The slide into the holidays always hits us at breakneck speed and often leaves us feeling less than festive (traveling, family drama, and excessive cocktailing can do that to ya). 2018 has been a huge year for wellness and self-care, and we're vowing to keep things strong through the finish by making a few mindful commitments to ourselves. We're not going to over-RSVP (or overdo it at the office party open bar), not going to forget to exercise and hydrate, and will carve out self-care time at least twice a week to make sure we're not ignoring our bodies. 

The best way to full-stop slow down? A good, long bath. There's nothing like a hot soak on a chilly Saturday morning (preferably with a good book or a new podcast) to recharge after a long week. We adore tricking out our tub with William Roam's gorgeous spa products, which look insanely chic in the bathroom and turn a soak into a heavenly experience. A few scoops of the Float bath salts, loaded with mineral-rich American Pacific salt, ease muscle aches and leave our skin ridiculously soft. Lathering up with their oh-so-giftable Roam soaps, which come in stylish square bars, is an everyday luxury that turns even the quickest shower into a treat. Make sure you take some time for yourself this season! The holidays should be about thriving, not surviving. 

William Roam products are a favorite highlight of The Wanderlust, our subscription box which ships the best in beauty, travel, fitness, wellness, and style gear directly to your door. The latest edition heads to the exotic, glamorous locale of Casablanca. Are you subscribed?