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31 Oct

The Snail Facial: Your Creepy-Crawly Skin Savior

Posted by Bikini Owner

Snail Facial

Who doesn’t love a bizarre beauty treatment? First bird droppings, now snail slime. The latest in Asian celebrity facial trends involves having live snails crawling all over your face.

Japan's first live-snail facial treatment is currently being offered at the Ci:z:Labo spa in Tokyo. For $242.82, patrons can get their faces massaged with snail-slime extract cream. The Wall Street Journal reports these are no ordinary snails. They are fed an all-organic diet and kept in a room set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit to help them live longer.

Beauty experts are turning to snail secretion for its regenerative effects on skin. According to a 2013 study, that gross mucus is loaded with collagen, glycolic acid, antibiotics, and other compounds that promote skin moisture and a gorgeous even tone.

While it’s hard to stomach snails on our faces, we think it’s worth a try.

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