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22 Jan

Should You Be Drinking Your Beauty Products?

Posted by Bikini Owner


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We're always on the hunt for next-level beauty innovations — last year we were all over Korean beauty crazes like sheet masks and patting liquids. The early frontrunner in 2016? Drinkable beauty. Fountain — a U.K. beauty brand formulating sippable beauty potions packed with anti-aging and ultra-moisturizing ingredients like snow mushroom, chloraphyll and hyaluranic acid — is sweeping the beauty pages across the pond with its various liquid supplements, which, when taken daily, purport to leave skin gorgeous, glowing, and plumped from the inside out. 

Is this approach novel? We're not quite sure. Drinking water, and lots of, has been proven to be the # 1 way to keep your skin hydrated, so it's not exactly revelatory that something you ingest, as opposed to slathering on your skin, could do your skin good. What's intriguing about these products is the high level of concentration and unique blend of ingredients, the first of its kind. A teaspoon or two a day delivers the kind of power that would take many, many topical applications to deliver, with some blends promising visible change within a week. More of a chemistry success than a traditional beauty product, we know, but there's something so convincing about these smartly engineered potions that inspires more confidence in us than, say, a $12 bottle of fresh-pressed juice. 

The biggest difference in Fountain's products is that they're liquid supplements, which makes the body far more likely to actively absorb the nutrients held within them. Most supplements containing beautifying ingredients like resveratrol, a powerhouse anti-aging compound found naturally in grapes and peanuts, as well as other plants, are powdered and encapsulated or mixed with water and taken. This delivery method isn't as effectively absorbed by the body, which makes it less visibily effective. Fountain's proprietary formulations are all water soluble, which make it easier to for your body use it, not lose it. 

The star product in the range of Molecules, as Fountain's blends are called, is the Hyaluronic Molecule, a supplement which features a high-potency plant-based version of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occuring body hydrator which is extremely effective at holding moisture. Fountain has engineered a natural HA formula and blended it with French pine bark, which encourages the body to produce more of it's own HA. This all adds up to tons of added moisture, which counteracts the effects of aging, pollution, dehydration and skin damage, resulting in glowing, naturally plush skin cells. Sound too good to be true? Supposedly every eleven seconds a Fountain supplement is sold in the U.K. And those English roses know a thing or two about caring for their skin, so we'll take their word for it and wager that the U.S. is gearing up for a sippable beauty craze all it's own.