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22 May

The Secret To Fresh Summer Skin? It's Face Spray

Posted by Bikini Owner in Face spray, rosewater spray


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Adjusting your skincare for summer isn't a new idea, but every year there are star products that rise to the front of the line and command our seasonal attention. This year, we're claiming summer '18 as the season of the face spritz. Whether you reach for a health-food store staple or a luxe botanical elixir, we strongly suggest that you do not skip this skincare step — it can truly change the outcome of your skincare routine or completely alter your makeup situation. 

We've been longtime fans of face sprays and hydrosols because they instantly revive the skin and keep it looking — and feeling — insanely fresh. On a hot day, there's nothing better than a spritz straight from the fridge, and we never hit the beach without a refreshing face mist (there's nothing better to quench salty skin) in our bag. If you're not quite sure where it fits into your skincare system, think of when you'd typically use a toner and then you'll start to get it. The perfect face spritz doesn't just refresh, it also imparts skincare benefits to the skin in its water-based formula. Justine Kahn of San Francisco spa Skin Remedy and Botnia, a natural skincare line, loves using a hydrosol as a cleansing step in her skincare services. "Hydrosols are the immune system of the plant. Adding a plant's immune system to our skin can aid in cellular health, and fight off signs of aging and bad bacterias along with environmental damages we experience going out in the sun or working in populated cities". Botnia's Rose Geranium hydrosol is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse loaded with hormone-balancing properties and antioxidants, perfect for reactive skin that is prone to breakouts or hormonal disruptions. 

The botanical beauty revolution has brought a host of new types of face sprays and tonics to market, and we can't help but find ourselves misting with abandon. Particular favorites include Earth Harbor Naturals Ruby Rose face mist and Surface's Face Mist, which contains anti-pollution properties that fight environmental damage with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Aside from using a spritz as a skincare step to prep skin for hydration, it's also genius to use instead of water to dampen your beauty blender or makeup brush to get everything from foundation to pressed powder to adhere better and glide on more smoothly. A fragrant face mist is also a lovely addition to your desk since it's a great way to refresh makeup throughout the day, or just lift your mood when you're contemplating coffee but not quite ready for a caffeine jolt. In short? You should be spritzing this summer — you heard it here first.