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23 Feb

This Season's Hottest Hair Trend Is About Doing Nothing At All

Posted by Bikini Owner

Fashion week isn't entirely about fashion, you know. The sartorial event is also a major indicator of next season's biggest beauty trends. Luckily, this year, the latest fad in hairstyle is super easy to tackle—we basically won't have to do anything. 

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"Meh Head", as it's been so aptly named, has been seen gracing many of the 2015 runways. Seems like fashion week finally got our memo that we prefer natural, simple looks over probing and pinning our hair every morning. 

The Bikini girl is all about getting up and going. While we love getting dressed up for special occasions, we'd much rather be soaking up some sun or exploring a new place rather than stuck in our bathroom getting ready. That's why we are fully embracing "Meh Head" and it's effortless charm. 

This style is perfect for your post-swim or surf session. Simply add a dab of leave-in conditioner to your ends and spritz a spray of volumizer on the crown of your head. The key to achieving this look is to really skimp on the products so your hair doesn't look weighed down or greasy. If you've got the hair genetics to skip products all together, go for it! Next, part your hair as you normally would and throw it behind your ears. You've just achieved the hottest hairstyle, or non-style, in town.

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