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31 Dec

Quick Tip: How To Keep Your Lipstick Perfect On New Year's Eve

Posted by Bikini Owner

kissing in the snow

New Year's Eve is the one occasion of the year when it's not only acceptable, but encouraged to deck ourselves in massive curls, plunging V's, crayola-colored makeup and glitter up the wazoo. It's arguably the most glamorous holiday of the year—which of course calls for bold, rich, long-lasting lip color.

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However, New Year's Eve also involves a mysteriously long list of activities that can totally ruin your lipstick: kissing at midnight, nibbling on hors d'oeuvres, and (the kicker!) watching your lipstick slowly rub off on glass after glass of champagne.

So, here's the question of the hour: How do we make our color last all night long without disappearing on everything our lips touch on New Years Eve? 

For that, we solicited the advice of celebrity makeup artist and Aussie extradordinaire Stephen Dimmick. Stephen himself is rolling out a line of gorgeous lipsticks in March 2015, so we thought who better to ask for help than the one man who literally has lipstick on the brain?

Q: Stephen, we need your help! What's a quick and easy way to mattify your lips so the color lasts all night on New Years Eve? 

Stephen: I am mystified why anyone doesn’t love a little lipstick on her champagne glass—I’m a fan of old-school glamour! But here are a few tips for fans of a cream-colored lipstick who want to matte it down on New Year's.