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30 Jan

Pocket-Size Guide To The Perfect Red Lip For Your Skin Tone

Posted by Bikini Owner

lipstick application

For centuries, women have searched for "the perfect red lip." But in reality, there's no such thing as the one, singular red to beat all other reds.

When you think of the ideal crimson lip, images of fire engines and roses may come to mind. But depending on your skin tone, your best shade might lean more towards a raspberry, tangerine, or Merlot.

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We asked our beauty guru, celebrity makeup artist Stephen Dimmick (creator of the lipstick line GlossiGirl, coming soon) to give us a mini rundown of the best lip shades for fair, olive, and dark complexions. Keep scrolling for your pocket-sized guide to the "perfect" red lip.

Q: Stephen, how do you go about choosing the best red for your skin tone?