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14 Sep

Our Favorite Dry Shampoos

Posted by Bikini Owner

How much time do you spend thinking about your hair? It's OK—we won't tell. A lot, right?

Hair can be tricky. Figuring out how to style your hair can take a better part of your life, starting from mastering bobby pins and braids in grade school to navigating the tricky waters of side parts and highlights as an adult. Learning how to "do" your own hair is one of the most empowering things you can do, and we're here to tell you about the one beauty product you absolutely have to have in your arsenal: dry shampoo.

From special-occasion updos (you can totally do them at home) to simple, date-night waves, dry shampoo is the product that can single-handedly transform your hair with a few quick spritzes. 

First things first: what exactly is dry shampoo? Usually packaged in an aerosol can, dry shampoo is a powder-based formula, usually using a form of starch or clay powder that absorbs excess oil and product from hair and leaves it pumped up with volume and refreshed.

Does it feel as squeaky-clean as it does fresh out of the shower, as the name might suggest? Well, no. Dry shampoo tends to leave a bit of a powdery, matte texture behind — so if you're seeking glassy, shiny strands, it's not the product for you. But what it does do, in our opinion, is far more important, since it preps your hair for virtually any styling that might follow it and always adds volume at the roots.

Also genius? The way it can extend the life of a blowout by days upon days. If you have thin hair, dry shampoo should be your go-to styling product. Because the starchy formula grips each strand of hair, even the flimsiest strands are left plumper and more voluptuous, which many volumizing products promise but few actually deliver.

We find ourselves reaching for dry shampoo even when our hair is clean to lend a sexy, tousled texture to just-washed tresses, which can lie a bit too flat for our tastes. 

Our favorite dry shampoos range from all-natural powders to technologically advanced formulas that carry a gorgeous scent with their spritz. Click through the slideshow above to see our favorites.