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12 Nov

The One Product That’ll Help Streamline Your Skin Care Routine

Posted by Bikini Owner

facial radiance pads

Is it just us, or is it kind of exhausting—and expensive—to maintain a skin care routine? If you think about it, a Bikini Girl needs to use upwards of three products, twice a day. We’re talking cleanser, toner, moisturizer (or oil), eye cream, night cream, and sometimes an exfoliator—whew, that’s a mouthful! So when we come across a product that can help cut costs and speed up the time it takes us to treat our skin, you can bet that we’re gonna give it a go.

That’s where First Aid Beauty’s (FAB) Facial Radiance Pads come in. Not only are they the easiest things to use (it’s a pad, need we say more?), but they’re formulated with ingredients that exfoliate, tone, AND brighten skin, all at once. Yup, you read that right. Who knew that something so small could be so beneficial. What’s more, you can cross toner and exfoliator off that shopping list of yours. You can thanks us later.  

How It Works

What’s great about these pads is that they’re made with the perfect amount of lactic and glycolic acids, so they can be used by people with sensitive skin. Lactic and glycolic acids both help exfoliate the skin, while indian gooseberry tones, FAB’s antioxidant booster combats free radicals, licorice root, and lemon peel leave skin bright and glowing. After incorporating these into your routine, you’ll notice how much they help diminish the appearance of fine lines, reduce large pores, and improve skin clarity. For real.

Please note: just like with any new skin (or makeup!) product, always do a patch test prior to using. Apply a small amount of the substance on your wrist, and leave untouched for 24 to 48 hours and look for any sort of reaction. If all looks good, it’s safe to use.

How To Apply

Trust us, any Bikini Girl can handle this. After cleansing, wipe one pad across your face, neck, and décolleté once or twice a day. Told you, it doesn’t get much easier than that!

Bottom Line

Anything that can help streamline your skin care routine, and save you money, is a go in our book. And especially when the product is top notch and the results are even better.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, $30, available at

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