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04 Sep

Is The Ocean The Fountain Of Youth?

Posted by Bikini Owner


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Clearly the team has a thing for the ocean—it's our happy place, a source of inspiration,  and the backdrop for nearly all of our leisure time. So when we heard about a new skincare line that was using sea botanicals as its base, we had to know everything. Sea Radiance is the brainchild of NYC dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman, who is basically a skin celebrity: she was one of the first derms to ever inject Botox, first to develop a product with Vitamin C and first to use glycolic acid. So, basically we have her to thank for almost all of the products in our skincare regime, as her cutting-edge trailblazing cleared a path for the commercial formulas we all know and love. We chatted with her about the story behind the game-changing products, which contain her signature Sea Elixir, an antioxidant cocktail that imparts mind-blowing anti-aging results. All that time in the sun is fun, but premature aging? Not so much. 

BIKINI: What prompted you to look to the sea for beauty ingredients?

Dr. Debra Jaliman: I wanted my products to contain natural ingredients and the sea has a lot of potent healing elements. Sea Radiance is made with a Sea Elixir, which is a closely-guarded formula made up of a blend of organic botanicals, dermatological ingredients and sea flora that delivers more than 100x the antioxidant power of Vitamin C and other anti-aging properties. This mix shields the skin from free radical damage and reverses visible signs of aging.

 BIKINI: Why focus on the eye area specifically?

DJ: The eye has the thinnest skin of the body and it shows age first. I created my Rapid Eye Lift to protect this delicate area; we blink 10,000 times a day and the eyes take on a lot of stress. The formula not only protects from free radicals but also rebuilds skin's collagen while repairing damage caused by solar radiation, which is a major cause of visible aging.

 BIKINI:  What are your recommendations for treating skin during seasonal transitions?

DJ: It's important to treat your skin according to the season. In the summer, you want to protect your skin from UV rays by using products with SPF. In the winter, you want to product your skin from dry air by applying a hydrator and moisturizer. During a seasonal transition, keeping skin hydrated and moisturized is key with a good cleanser. I recommend my Gentle Cleanser as it's made from the same mild ingredients found in baby products and purifies the skin without stripping away any essential oils or altering is pH balance.