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16 Dec

This New At-Home Chemical Peel Will Get You Glowing

Posted by Bikini Owner

As we all know from Sex and the City, chemical peels don’t always turn out pretty. Anyone else still haunted by Samantha’s scorched mug? Then again, who are we to knock something before we’ve given it a try? Last week, I got the opportunity to test out Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic’s new gentle chemical peel. And guess what? My face didn’t flake off.

If it’s any conciliation, Sonya has been treating Hollywood’s famous faces for over three decades. The fact that the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman,” Gwyneth Paltrow, was a fan, made me feel better about the whole thing going into it. Chemical peel lingo can get a little complicated, so I’ve done you a favor, and summed up the most important things to know about the Sonya Dakar Nano Peel Treatment below. 


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How It Works

If the word “peel” scares you, think of it as an all-natural, paraben-free deep exfoliating scrub. Key ingredients include soothing lavender oil, skin-regenerating green apple stem cells, lactic acid to clean the pores, and phyctic plant acid to reduce inflammation. The combined formula leaves the skin fresh, youthful and bright. 

How To Apply

Sonya developed the product for busy, on-the-go gals, who might not have the time or money to visit the clinic regularly. It’s a professional facial peel that can be done right at home, or on vacation. Simply apply a thin layer of the peel onto clean, dry skin. Wipe it off with a damp towel after 7-10 minutes, and then wash your face with lukewarm water. It’s that easy. 

Bottom Line

Not once throughout the entire treatment did my face feel itchy or tingly. It was fast and painless, and I left the clinic glowing. Note: For the full Botox-like effect (reduced fine lines, acne stars, sun damage, and so on), a complete in-clinic treatment—$925 for a single session; $3,750 for a bootcamp series of six—is recommended. That involves a deep cleanse and flash facial preceding the peel, followed by 10 minutes under an LED red light and then a hydrating mask. Still, using the Nano Peel two-to-three times a week alone should do the trick.

Sonya Dakar Nano Peel Treatment, $155, available at

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