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18 Apr



A post shared by Rebekah Steen (@goldfish_kiss) on

Last week there were some major #nailart breakthroughs. First, we caught @goldfish_kiss's insanely adorable every-toe-is-different-and-amazing pedicure on Instagram and immediately set about trying to figure out how to re-create it ourselves. Then, Olive & June, our hands-down favorite place for a mani/pedi on the planet, launched their first in-house nail stickers, making it easier for us non-Angelenos to, well, nail their gorgeous artistic creations at home. 

Never ones to be discouraged by our lack of manicure artistry prowess, we begged Rebekah Steen, the artistic maven behind the @goldfish_kiss handle, to share her DIY tips with us. Lucky for us (and you!) she happily obliged. She swears by this nail art kit and loves a good no-tox polish

Tropical Leaves Toes: Paint toes a light opaque peachy pink, then paint some leaves. Leaves = long dark green blobs with a skinny stem. Then go in with a lighter green down the middle for some dimension. Finally, go back and paint notches in the side of the leaves with the pink/peach base color. 

Daisy Toes: Paint toes a bright opaque light blue, then put a cluster of daisies on the bottom corner that trail up one side of the toe. Each daisy = five white dots in a circle with a yellow dot in the middle. 

Color Stripe Toes: Paint the toe white, then paint five skinny stripes in the middle of it in the colors you are using to paint your toes. 

Heart Print Toes: Paint toes some sort of yellowish color, then paint a few tiny red hearts. Hearts = two dots side by side, then draw a tiny triangle to connect them. 

Big White Flower Toes: Paint toes a teal color, then do two big white flowers. Big flowers = use a bigger dotting tool (or a bobby pin end) then go back in with the teal polish and make the petals a little bit more defined. Just leave the center of the flower blank so the teal shows through. 

Let everything dry, then seal the deal with a glossy topcoat. 

For Rebekah Steen's full DIY, check out