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24 Oct

French Skincare Secrets Revealed

Posted by Bikini Owner

Micellar Water is a French beauty secret that has been gaining popularity worldwide. It feels like regular water but gets rid of makeup, washes your face, and leaves skin incredibly soft.

So what is it? Originating in France, home of the super chic, micellar waters (pronounced me-cellar) are no-rinse, soap-free cleansers that contain micelle molecules. Micelle is an oil molecule that traps and removes makeup thoroughly (instead of smearing it around like a makeup wipes tend to do), but is still gentle and suitable for all skin types. Some of these cleansing waters even double as a toner and have moisturizing and soothing effects, making them convenient and ideal for travel.

You will never meet a makeup artist who doesn’t have this miracle cleanser in their arsenal. They’re great for a quick cleansing refresher or to fix any makeup mishaps since the water doesn’t need to be rinsed off. Click through the slideshow above to check out our favorite micellar waters.