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21 Feb

Meet The Beauty Industry's Coconut Queen


A photo posted by Kiana Cabell (@kianacabell) on


When celebrities like Shay Mitchell, Mila Kunis and Karlie Kloss take a shine to your product — enough to invest their own dollars in it — it's a good sign that you're onto something.

Kopari, a coconut oil-based body line (and recent addition to our beauty shop), recently earned the attention of these high-profile investors with its simple, organic approach to coco-based skincare. Kopari is the brainchild of Hawaii-born beauty Kiana Cabell, a certified organic chef who teamed up with beauty industry veteren Bryce Goldman and Suja Juice co-founder James Brennan to get Kopari off the ground. All the buzz had us wondering about what set Kopari apart, so we rang up Cabell to get the scoop. 

BIKINI: Coconut oil is truly miraculous! is there anything surprising that you use it for?

Kiana Cabell: I think most people are most surprised when I say I use it on my face! We did just launch a new skincare line, but I also love to layer our Organic Coconut Melt under my eyes for those days (and nights) when I just need an extra dose of hydration. I also use our Organic Coconut Melt as a deep-conditioning hair mask.

BIKINI: Kopari's line of bodycare just expanded to include skincare — how did you approach creating facial products?

KC: Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, delicate, and moisturizing, making it ideal for facial care. Our product line was designed to even further enhance these natural benefits of coconut oil by combining it with cutting-edge technology and adding additional natural ingredients to boost performance for a full-step facial care line. In harnessing coconut oil’s natural properties, we could address nearly all skin issues and give consumers a simplified, step-by-step program that was easy to follow with products that would actually work.

BIKINI: How is the coconut oil used in Kopari products different from regular coconut oil? What are the tangible benefits?

KC: Similar to grapes sourced for wine, the region, atmosphere, and several other environmental factors play into the end result when it comes to coconuts. We tested hundreds of options before choosing our signature coconut oil. Ours is organic and sustainably sourced from family-run farms in the Philippines — and the moment it hits your skin, you can tell the difference. Our coconut oil is smooth and not grainy, sinks into the skin, and gives off a subtle, sweet tropical aroma.



BIKINI: Do you have a fave product from the line?

I love our Coconut Sheer Oil — it’s our signature coconut oil lightened up with shea tris for anti-aging benefits and a non-greasy application. I am also obsessed with our new Coconut Lip Love — it’s the perfect amount of gloss, naturally derived (so you don’t have to worry about ingesting the product by licking your lips or kissing), and it has skin-mimicking squalene that makes the texture velvet smooth.

BIKINI: How do you feel having celebs like Karlie Kloss and Ashton Kutcher join on board as investors? What's ahead for Kopari?

KC: This month, we hit Sephora shelves nationwide and expanded our product lineup via the launch of our highly anticipated coconut-based skin care line. To build upon our success, we are looking forward to unveiling additional product categories and expanding into international e-commerce distribution down the pipeline. We’re honored to be working with such amazing celeb investors and love that they love Kopari and coconuts as much as we do!

BIKINI: OK — we know you love Kopari products, but are there any other beauty prods or cosmetics you're obsessed with right now?

KC: I was just introduced to the Dior Addict Lip Glow on a recent photoshoot. This is the perfect product infused with mango butter that nourishes your lips while the color develops to each person's own chemistry. It provides my lips with the perfect natural pigment all day.