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04 Sep

Love Your Tan Lines

Posted by Bikini Owner

We don't know about you, but we saw an insane number of crazy tan lines at the Olympics — that's just what happens when you switch from looser training gear to bikini-style performance togs. And it got us thinking. OK, so, yes, definitely — we all need to wear sunscreen, and doing so keeps our skin healthy and wrinkle-free. But — if you've already got some tan lines, why not flaunt them? Their bad rap usually has us second-guessing super-cute suits. But if you're thinking, “Oh, gawd — but those tan lines will be ridiculous,” ditch that mentality. Sexy tan lines are back. Here’s your permission to rock must-have frongs, strappy necklines and abstract cut-outs. What’s not alluring about catching a glimpse of your true beauty base color?

Again, we’re not saying to go SPF-unprotected – don’t get it twisted! We’re just saying there’s nothing wrong with a summer stripe. Check out the ways some women are embracing their lines.


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