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07 Dec

Looking Tired? These Eye Masks Are Magic

Posted by Bikini Owner in eye masks, Karuna Skin, Korean beauty, sheet masks


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"You look tired." Have more depressing words ever been spoken? We're not sure — the only thing worse than feeling tired is looking it, and sometimes there's no amount of concealer that can cover for a too-late night (or a too-early morning).  While sheet masks are not a new-to-us beauty secret, eye masks are, and we're newly obsessed. Packing the same magical intense-serum-absorption action, eye masks can instantly rev up your undereyes, brightening and de-puffing to make you instantly look alert. Our go-to? Karuna Skin's version, which erases signs of puffiness and fatigue in one 20-minute session. 

Since holiday party season is in full swing, late nights are part of the package (hangovers too, yikes,) which means ... we need a morning-after recovery strategy. What we like to do upon waking is apply the refreshing eye masks first thing (they're extra cooling if you keep them in the fridge) before we even sip some coffee. Then they work their magic while we're kicking into gear. After removing them, it's plain to see that our eyes look less tired and puffy, and that the dark circles that can plague us after a late night are less obvious. As a matter of fact, Karuna says that after application, 100 percent of testers agreed that their dark circles were visibly diminished and 93 percent said their puffiness was visibly improved. We like those stats — especially since we're looking at a calendar packed with parties. 

Karuna Skin is a partner brand in The Wanderlust — our gorgeous, destination-themed subscription box that ships the best in beauty, travel, fitness and style goodies directly to your door. Have you ordered The Maui edition yet? 



A post shared by Karuna Skin (@karunaskin) on