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21 Sep

Keep Glowing: Shimmer Oils For Glowy Summer Skin

Posted by Bikini Owner

Summer's nearly over. With it's end comes a new season of fashion and much-anticipated TV pilots, apple harvests and pumpkin spice lattes. We're kind of ready, but also not. The hardest thing to say goodbye to? Our sexy summer skin. We know that skin protection is of utmost importance, but by September, no matter how vigilant we've been with SPF we have a bit of a sunny glow thanks to countless hours spent outside.

Looking ahead to the calendar pages that bring chilly days and nights makes us want to hold even tighter to our warm, tan skin and the freshly moisturized sheen that feels so luxurious after a day at the beach. Our answer? Shimmer oil. One magic beauty trick that can take our bronzy beauty straight into October without looking too faux or overtly flirty. The best formulas combine a dry oil formula that doesn't leave your skin slick with a subtle, bronze or gold-tinged sheen that blurs imperfections, warms your skin tone, and leaves every inch of exposed skin looking totally touchable and sexy. It's a year-round go-to for bare legs, but in this end-of-summer haze we go all out and use it everywhere, even combing a bit through our hair to add a mermaid-like shine to our tresses.

If you're in the same boat us as, fear not: summer might be fading, but your glow doesn't have to. Click through the slideshow above for our favorite oils that shimmer and shine.