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10 Nov

How to Get the Perfect Matte Lip, With Liza Lash

Posted by Bikini Owner

You may not know the beauty trick behind the perfect matte lip yet, but Liza Lash — the drop-dead gorgeous make-up expert who has nearly half a million followers on Instagram — will teach you how to turn dull lips into the trendiest of them all. Plus, she shares how to celebrate natural beauty and talks about Alicia Key’s no-makeup movement.


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How did you get get your start as a makeup artist? Were you always obsessed with makeup growing up?

I was working with makeup since I was in high school. It has always been something I loved. It became my art form! I would experiment on myself and my friends. I went to school for it, then eventually I really became a "real" makeup artist when I started a small makeup studio in my city in Russia. I was one of the first people in my city offering eyelash extensions, so I called myself Liza Lash.


How long have you been a makeup artist?

Around seven years now.


How did you start building a following? And what did it take?

I moved from Russia back to America in the start of 2014 and left my business and makeup studio behind. It was a really tough decision for me, but I felt I had to do it. I discovered Instagram and made an account for fun. I was just posting pictures of my personal life, and sprinkling in a few selfies here and there. I started using hashtags and people started to discover me naturally. I saw that I was growing followers, and they were asking me to post more makeup looks so I kept going. All of a sudden I was being followed by thousands of people. I remember one day I grew 30,000 followers overnight. It really took off! I didn't except any of this — my Instagram following was such a surprise. I'm really thankful for every single follower and because of that I try my best to reply to every single one. They have helped me establish myself in California much faster than I would have on my own.



A photo posted by Los Angeles (@liza_lash) on


Do you have signature everyday look?

I wouldn't call it a signature, but in "real life," I usually just go with a natural look. Nothing too fancy or over the top.


What's the best makeup advice you've ever received?

While in school for makeup, they teach the foundation and the basics. It's not that there was one piece of advice that was a huge secret that changed everything — but knowing the basics helped me get better with everything else. I always start with the basics and build my looks from there.


What's the best makeup advice you can give to other woman?

There's a lot of makeup looks and tutorials posted online. A lot of them are super glamorous, and use a lot of makeup. I think those kind of looks are fun, but they aren't always realistic. I mean you can't always be glammed out like that. I think the best advice is to use makeup to add to your existing natural beauty. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, so just put a little bit of makeup to highlight that natural beauty.


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What's the one mistake you most commonly see in other girl's makeup?

One thing I see a lot of is foundation being applied wrong. There are lots of times where it isn't blended well, and it's not the correct color for the person's skin.


Whose make up do you always adore?

There's not a specific person whose makeup I adore. I look at thousands of makeup looks every day, and I put them down as inspiration. There are so many good makeup artists, and models, and fashionable people out there. I just love observing their details and appreciating the art.


Who inspires your style?

I get inspired by people, places, things, colors, random little photos I see on the Internet or in magazines.


How do you feel about Alicia Key’s no-makeup movement?

I think it's incredible that she's doing that and showing her natural self. Showing women as confident with who they are, without anything other than their true beauty — it's inspiring and truthful.  I think being natural should be more than a "trend" — it should be something everyone is comfortable with. I've published multiple pictures of myself without makeup, and I encourage everyone to do the same! 



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What’s that one beauty item you can’t go without?

An eyebrow pencil because eyebrows are everything, and they can change your face completely. Your eyebrows can make or break a look.


What’s the trick to having perfect eyebrows?

My favorite trick is to use brow shadows for your eyebrows instead of pencils because it makes it looks natural and less graphic.


What’s your beauty regimen?

Eat as heathy as I can, drink lots of water, be active when I can, and taking care of my skin. Keeping it moisturized.



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What is your least favorite beauty trend right now?

The overuse of dramatic eye shadows on eyes. When people mix eyeshadows and eyeliner.


What are your favorite beauty trends right now?

Matte lipsticks. Love them.


Do you have any strange beauty habbits?

I've been using this special LED light on my face before bed for my skin. My husband thinks it's really weird and calls it the alien mothership, but it's funny. He promises me it doesn't do anything, but it's only been a month so we'll see how it goes.



A photo posted by Los Angeles (@liza_lash) on


Can you pick one of your favorite beauty trends and share advice on how to achieve it perfectly?

Definitely. Let's talk about lipsticks. For gloss lipsticks I absolutely love L'Oreal Paris' Infallible Lip Paints, and for matte lipsticks Anastasia Beverly Hills has great choices. The best way to make your lipstick look perfect is to outline it with a concealer after you finish applying it. Using the concealer to outline allows you to correct any mistakes. Make sure you use a flat synthetic brush for the concealer.