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04 Oct

Hot Ingredient: Charcoal

Posted by Bikini Owner


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Quirky skincare fact: Even though its smudgy inkiness is nearly impossible to get rid of, charcoal is a next-wave beauty ingredient that is seriously buzzy right now. Heralded for its detoxifying and oil-reducing qualities, the use of charcoal as a purifier dates back to 400 B.C., when ancient Hindus used it to filter their water. You probably have a Brita filter in your fridge right this minute, which also relies on carbon to filter pollutants and minerals out of tap water. Using charcoal on the skin is so hot right now for the same reasons—it draws out impurities and absorbs oil better than clay, leaving skin pores devoid of grime and skin super-smooth. 

Ingesting charcoal is also an of-the-moment wellness/beauty trend, with drinks like Dirty Lemon and Luli Tonix Black Magic pairing activated charcoal sourced from coconut shells with lemonade-style elixirs to sweep toxins from the digestive system, which can ultimately lead to clearer, brighter skin, too—beauty from the inside out. Whether you choose to put it on your skin, take charcoal capsules or drink it up, there's no denying that it's become a part of the beauty lexicon—at least for now. Here are a few of our favorite charcoal beauty and wellness products. 



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 Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Face Wipes, $5.99- These pitch-black wipes saturated with activated charcoal deep clean and wipe away all traces of grime and oil. 



Herbivore Botanicals Bamboo Charcoal  Cleansing Soap, $12  This gently lathering bar soap with breakout-busting charcoal zaps blemishes but doesn't dry skin out. 




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Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Bamboo Charcoal, $19  Sweeping Boscia's gently exfoliating charcoal-derived sponge across your face (especially when paired with their charcoal liquid cleaser) is like a deep-clean for every pore on your face. 





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Black + Blum Eau Good Water Filter, $19.95  A traditional Binchotan charcoal stick locks into Black + Blum's water bottle, filtering toxins and improving the taste of tap water almost immediately. 



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Blackout Activated Charcoal + Coconut Face Mask, $15 - This indie Aussie beauty brand's single-serving charcoal masks mash charcoals detox power with the antibacterial oomph of coconut.