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31 Oct

Here's Your Last-Minute Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Posted by Bikini Owner

Halloween is finally here — and if you're scrambling for a last-minute costume, may we humbly suggest: the Halloween mermaid. Get the job done with help from expert makeup artist Julia Salvia — below, you'll learn more about this emerging makeup artist's style, the biggest makeup mistake, and exactly how to achieve the spooky mermaid look, with the help of the extensive shopping list below. 



How did you get get your start as a makeup artist? Were you always obsessed with makeup?

I was definitely always obsessed with makeup. When I was younger, I had a boyfriend who was a negative influence. Putting on makeup and dressing up just to feel pretty and good was something I yearned to do, but I "wasn't allowed to." I was naive and taken advantage of — I couldn't express my true self or love the things that I do now. When I found the strength to leave, I started to build myself into who I am today. I put tons of makeup on, dressed up every day to school, and did my hair like I was going on the red carpet. I became a makeup artist and content creator because it was more than just makeup to me —it was all of me.


How long have you been a makeup artist?

I have been a makeup artist and content creator for almost five years.


What's the one mistake girls do when applying makeup everyday?

Thinking that they need to apply makeup everyday — that they need  to do it for someone or something else. The only reason any girl or guy should apply makeup is for themselves. 


What's your signature makeup look? 

Honestly, I don't think that I have a signature makeup look. I'm always trying to create something different on my canvas — my face. Every time I wear makeup, you've most likely never seen that look before. 


What's the best makeup advice you can give to other woman? 

Try something new. Be bold. Be you, always. 


What's your favorite beauty trend right now? Which one is the worst? 

My favorite beauty trend right now has to be faux freckles! They are so cute. Not necessarily the worst trend because I will rock it from time to time, but I am over nude matte lips. Give me gloss — lots of it, and metallic and glitter.


How do you feel about this "no-makeup" movement Alicia Keys is starting? Do you think it will stick?

Alicia Keys makes an amazing point in joining the "no-makeup" movement. She's sending the right message with the wrong look. We may not need makeup, but it is a creative outlook. Makeup is art; it is not a mask to cover our true identity and self. I can rock the complete "no-makeup" look, but I can also pack on the highlighter and contour the bananas out of my face. So can everyone else. I'm not sure that it will stick — I just hope that either way, whether someone is inspired by the movement or not, they choose to do what they feel makes them happy.


Whose make up is always on point? 

That's a tough one because I have truly seen so many ladies and gents slay their looks. I'll be walking around Target, and there will be a random mom or employee with perfect brows and contour. 


Who inspires your style? 

Everyone and everything inspires my style. Not even kidding — I will take little pieces of everything I love that I've seen and put them together to make it my own. I can get inspired from simply just the sky outside.


On a level from 1 to 10 how difficult is this mermaid makeup application?

A 6. It truly is easy — don't look at it and be discouraged. Just jump right into creating it and the possibilities are endless.



Mermaid face shopping list:

Urban Decay Primer Potion In Original 

Make Up For Ever Smoothing Primer 

Make Up For Ever Color Correcting Primer

NYX Dark Circle Concealer #2 

Violet Voss Lashes Eye Need You 

Make Up Geek Insomnia Pigment

Jessie’s Girl Star Shine Eye Dust 

Make Up For Ever Star Powder Mauve 

LA Splash Glitter Silver Wave 

NYX Lip Liner Blackberry 

Make Up For Ever Flash Palette 

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Y405 

Air Spun Translucent Powder 

For a video tutorial, click here